Using a unique blend of street and wildlife photography I work tirelessly to portray a side of the wildlife that is rarely seen in these animals and these scenes.  This is not standard wildlife photography or standard landscape work, but intimate portraits, sweeping vistas and emotional moments caught the way I experience it.  I strive to capture not just the animals, but the moments, the drama and the mood.  

I am a fine art wildlife photographer based in Oregon.  All fine art prints are hand printed in my studio using the highest quality fine art photo papers.  

As of right now, I do not have any set workshops.  Instead, I like to work on personalized basis as I think it gives the best range of options.  I want to help you develop skills that you need and that you want to work on.

So lets discuss how I can help.  Once I have your submission, I will email you to start setting up specifics.

Sessions will most likely run from 45 minutes to an hour.  We can schedule longer meetings if needed, we can also set up plans for multiple meetings to cover a wide range of topics.  

I only offer workshops and talks from 5:30pm PST Monday - Friday and 9:00 to 5:00 on Saturday and Sunday.

Workshops and talks are $100 for a 45 minute session which will include a 15 minute follow up session if desired (usually to discuss photos taken since the first meeting . . . we may set up homework).  We will discuss the actual cost of the session prior to bookings.  


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I live in Salem, Oregon. If you live close by, we can set up something in person if you would like. If not, we can set up meetings via Skype or Google Plus. We just need to know to we will be working.