printing process


Printing & Processing –

Most all photographs are cropped and printed in the 2x3 format with the exception of the "Just a Moment in Time" series.  Multiple sizes are available for each print and range from 12 x 18 to 20 x 30.  Prints are all done on Ilford Gold Fiber Silk paper and cut with a 1 inch border for easy signing and numbering.  All prints are Giclee and are created on Epson 7890 using only the highest quality Epson inks.  To date, I have only used my own Epson for printing and have preferred to ensure the quality of my own work before it goes out.

All photographs are limited, signed prints.  Each is printed and checked for print quality.  Once acceptable, each is hand signed and numbered ( x/y where x is the number print number and y is the total prints in the edition)


"Of Things Large and Small" -  

12 x 18    editions of 125

16 x 24   editions of 250

20 x 30  editions of 125


"Just a Moment in Time" | Signature Collection Prints - 


16 x 24   editions of 150

20 x 30  editions of 100


"Of Those Places Often Forgotten" | Signature Collection Prints - 

"X" x 30  editions of 150