A Picture and a Thousand Words

Sometimes the stories behind the photographs are as intriguing as the photograph itself.

Then again, sometimes they aren't

Im a fine art wildlife photographer from Oregon.  I specialize work to provide a unique perspective on the wild world

Story Behind the Image - As the River Flow

I can still close my eyes, and if the world is just right, I can make it back here.  My heart grows calm, my mind is at ease.  It's moments like these that I live for.  Through all the action and excitement, drama and chaos, these are the moments that I relish.  These are the ones that I long for.  Its a moment that can last an eternity, living forever somewhere between yesterday and tomorrow.

There is something about being half a world away that changes you.  Life seems to become simpler, and once it does, it never goes back.  There isn't any need to create a greater mystery, and there is no need to add something that isn't there.  Here, life is allowed to act out its own play and I am merely a part of the cast fortunate enough to be invited to participate.  Its places like this where tomorrows problems are just that, tomorrow.  And what happened yesterday is so far gone it may have well been a lifetime ago.  Moments like these are set squarely in one thing, the present.  These are moments that transcend the flow of time.

I close my eyes and I can see it.  The air smells sweet and cool, as it blows gently by.  I can feel it on my face and it has a crispness to it that reminds me of my summers in Alaska.  My mind steadies and I can only hear the breeze as it moves through the grass.  Its a soft rustle, almost unnoticeable alone, but with all of them playing their song in unison, it is a beautiful sympathy that only nature can play.  My breathing slows and I find myself at peace.  I am at home in places like this.  I am at home because here, time does not matter.  The ebb and flow ceases to hold importance and I am firmly rooted in now.  The water flows by, on its journey to the ocean thousands of miles away, a journey it has made before.  The elephant in the distance, following the bank of the river up stream like he has so many years before.  Even the grass itself, finally back again as the floodwaters reached this portion of the land again.  

Its a timeless moment.  One that is not rooted in today, the now, or yesterday . . . or even tomorrow.  It is a moment that exists between those moments, during those moments, and after they have faded and gone.  I find peace in those little things.  The sound of the wind on the grass, through the leaves of trees.  I can close my eyes, feeling the wind on my face, and imagine this is how this moment would have felt thousands or hundreds of thousands of years ago.  

It brings me comfort to know that moments like these existed before I was ever on this earth, and if we are lucky, moments like these will exist long after I have left it.  

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