A Picture and a Thousand Words

Sometimes the stories behind the photographs are as intriguing as the photograph itself.

Then again, sometimes they aren't

Im a fine art wildlife photographer from Oregon.  I specialize work to provide a unique perspective on the wild world

Story Behind the Image - As the Final Leaves Fall

This was just a moment that happened.  Like all the rest.  You grab your camera and snap a photo.  There is nothing difficult about the act of taking an image, the difficulty lies in the interim.  It lies with what I see, how I feel, what I am thinking, and ultimately, what I want to share.  This is what takes a photo, and turns it into something more.  

The leaves have all but fallen now.  It was on the edge of winter and there was a coolness to the air.  A soft breeze always seemed to be on our face.  Its that crispness that is only brought around as the last warm moments of the fall fade away into the colder winter months.   The changing of the season, passing of time.

The mother and her calf, lined up perfectly, one behind the other.  Slowly moving toward the tree, making there way into the future.  I don't look at this image and see a spacial flow, yet a flow of time.  

There is a sad reality to this world.  A reality we often choose to ignore, pass off as that of someone else's.  As if there is a person out there who should be responsible to do something about it.  We move toward the future at an impossible pace.  As a whole we are expanding at a rate the world just cannot keep up with.  We are expanding further and further into the empty spaces of the world, shrinking those wild places.  There is a great selfishness in that, believing that the world exists for us, that those things placed here are for our betterment.  

The rhino, and sadly, a number of animals in Africa live that reality.  They are looked upon as something we as humans have a right to, as a right to take, to control, to treat as we wish.  Its a sad state, and we need to change it.  If we don't, we stand to lose some of the most precious and beautiful things about this earth, it's incredible diversity.

We are one or the other, we are the sword, or the shield, we cannot be both.  It will be by our vigilant defense that the natural world not just survives, but thrives.  Or by our unstoppable greed that the natural world, like a handful of sand, slips through our fingers, disappearing in the wind forever.  

As the Final Leaves Fall
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