A Picture and a Thousand Words

Sometimes the stories behind the photographs are as intriguing as the photograph itself.

Then again, sometimes they aren't

Im a fine art wildlife photographer from Oregon.  I specialize work to provide a unique perspective on the wild world

Story Behind the Image - Family River Crossing

So much of what I do is about patience and preparation, but sometimes there are just those moments that just happen without warning, when you aren't even looking for them.  Capturing these moments are just about reflexes

If there is one thing I have learned from years of street photography, moments just happen.  They happen all around you.  Don't expect to capture all of them, don't expect to capture even a fraction of them, but try your best.  

Sometimes you just get lucky.  You can see a moment developing, you can see it just before it happens.

We were driving down the road, just above the riverbank heading somewhere.  The herd was on the opposite bank, preparing to work their way towards us.  The water was not deep, but it forced all the elephants into a close group.  Massive animals crowded around each other, barely any room between them.  They formed a tight group along the bank.

We slowed the car, knowing it would be a fun sight to see.  The little ones were the first to go.  Im not sure if it was my choice, of the pressure from behind, but they went, and they did it happily.  The parents followed close behind, keeping a close group so not to lose the children. 

They seemed oblivious to us for a time as they crossed.  However, after having done this long enough, I have learned that a moment is never over until it is over, over.  I kept the camera focused on the center of the group.  It was a mass of bodies crossing at once, movement every which direction.  There was seemingly nothing to it, little of interest worth capturing.  It wasn't until the matriarch turned, and noticed us, flaring her ears out wide that the moment revealed itself.  She was in the middle of the group, she flapped her ears a number of times, making it clear she wanted us to know she knew we were there.  

It was a brief moment, an instant amidst the chaos and movement that the animal made a connection.  Her personality emerged, if but for a second, and I was able to capture that.  

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