About Me

Using a unique blend of street and wildlife photography I work tirelessly to portray a side of the wildlife that is rarely seen in these animals and these scenes.  This is not standard wildlife photography or standard landscape work, but intimate portraits, sweeping vistas and emotional moments caught the way I experience it.  I strive to capture not just the animals, but the moments, the drama and the mood.  

I am a fine art wildlife photographer based in Oregon.  All fine art prints are hand printed in my studio using the highest quality fine art photo papers.  

about me . . .


Everyone says a picture is worth a thousand words, but I believe a great photograph speaks directly to the soul, without a word being spoken.

If I need words to express what my work is supposed to, then I have failed.  

I love animals, and the wild corners of this world more than words can express.  Its something beyond comprehension, beyond reason.  Words never do it justice, never fully encapsulate the feeling or the raw emotion. 

Therefore, my image needs to.  It needs to speak without being spoken to.  They need to have their own voice without me having one for them.  My words often only get in the way, so where they are concerned, I choose to have very few.

Its really that simple