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I want my images to stand for something, I no longer want to be a spectator, but an advocate for change.  I want to give a voice back to this beautiful world, and am therefore pledging a percentage of each photo sale to wildlife conservation, primarily in East Africa.  Together, we can make a difference.

my pledge to give back . . .

We live in a very beautiful world yet fragile world.  The sheer fleeting moments and unpredictability of the every day are hard enough without adding in the impacts that we as humans have on this.  

My work is intended not just to share beauty, but to give a voice for those animals that cannot speak up for themselves.  I try to share a different view, a non-traditional spin on wildlife.  I hope that in every image, the personality, the character, the beauty of every subject shines through.  I don't want this to just be something that we just share on facebook, or tweet about, forgetting moments later.   But instead, something that people sit around at home and discuss or chat with their friends about in coffee shops.  I want this to be an idea, a medium for change, an excuse to not let it fall behind, but always be on our minds.  This is why a percentage of every one of my sales goes to conservation efforts.  

When someone sees work that I have created, or someone buys something and hangs it on their walls, I want them to know that they have helped make a difference in this world. I want my buyers to be proud to hang my work, not just for the artistic quality, but also because of what it stands for.  I want my work to signify hope, hope for the future, hope for change . . . for beauty and life.

The first time I saw a rhino in the wild I cried, not ashamed to admit it . . . I have loved the animal since I was a child, and when it was finally right there, so beautiful, so majestic and magical I had a tear run down my cheek.  While I have always had a desire to give back, it was in that moment that I decided that it was my time. It was time to take a stand and do something. I decided that I want my images to stand for something, and that I no longer want to be a spectator, but an advocate for change.  I want to give a voice back to this beautiful world.  

A majority of the donations will go to one of three causes.  Either Lion conservation in East Africa, helping to protect the small remaining population of 35,000.  Or, Elephant conservation in East Africa, who's beautiful ivory tusks, have made them a target of poachers and their cruelty.   Or, perhaps Rhino Conservation, again primarily East Africa, also prized for their horns, which is often ground up and sold as a medicine in the Eastern Markets.

I am working to create good working relationships with individuals over there who can direct the money to solid organizations that are not bogged down by overhead and policy expense.  I want the dollars donated through this to have the highest impact.  Going to organizations that use it for the right reasons.  Far too often only a small percentage of every dollar goes toward the conservation efforts . . . and that is not the intent here.  I intend to get as donations to the places that will have the highest direct impact.

The most important thing that I have learned along the way is that beauty, pure natural beauty, is fleeting. It is vanishing from this earth, often at an alarming rate.

I can't solve the problem on my own, but through my work, I hope that one day I can by inspiring enough people, and together we can.  

Join me in helping to give back, check out my fine art prints (like the one below) . . . Does not matter which print it is, every single one makes a donation to the cause

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